About us

A unique business focused on innovation & service

What we offer

We are a wholesaler with a boutique retail outlet in Alexandria. We specialise in high quality electric bikes, conversion kits and parts which are not readily available elsewhere. We specialise in battery technology and have ongoing research and product development surrounding refinement and modification of electric bike batteries.


We have highly skilled mechanics who are able to diagnose problems and service both regular and electric bikes. Our mechanics are certified for Bosch eBike systems and also have extensive experience with Shimano and Bafang drive systems.

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​Do you have a electric vehicle project you want to kickstart or refine? We can consult with you in the following areas:

  • ​Global parts sourcing
  • Specifications
  • Design
  • Engineering (Electrical & Mechanical)
  • CNC protoyping
  • Australian import & Export
  • Market Analysis & Direction

Key Staff

Sales Manager / Director – Ewan Maxwell

Ewan has 7 years experience building / riding and designing eBikes. His formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Information Systems & Environment) and a Masters in Sustainable Development. Currently key interests include electrical engineering (battery technology, renewable energy) and Design (CAD systems, Cartography). Ewan is passionate about cycling, the environment and moving towards a world that is free from fossil fuel extraction and burning.

Future developments within the business will focus on a high quality mid-drive bicycle designed and assembled in Australia at an affordable price.

We also aim to bring the latest battery cell technology to Australia and will push for longer range batteries in smaller, compact packs. Prototype solderless packs (recyclable) are also being investigated.

Ewan rides Edi prototypes with the Max-drive system.

Support Lead / Electrical Technician – Bruno Bari Buccianti

Bruno moved to Australia from Brazil 5 years ago. You may recognise him from his electricbikeYoutube Channel! Bruno is qualified as an electrical technician and simply loves to help people solve their problems. Bruno is pioneering electric bike battery building in Australia. Bruno has a un-healthy addiction to high speed, has a passion for high powered lights and wants to change the way we get around.

Bruno rides a Momentum fatbike with a Bafang BBSHD and home-made battery pack.

Mechanical Lead – Tsz Yeh

Tsz has extensive experience working on bikes and is particularly focused on making ebikes reliable for everyday use by careful component choice. Tsz is has a strong mechanical mind and has also learnt alot about electronics over the past 12 months.

Tsz rides anything.

Electrical Technician – Hugo Feng

Our most recent employee, Hugo came to us from our friends at Gloworm Bicycles in Marrickville. Hugo has experience in both mechanical and electrical servicing. His knowledge of high-end ebike controllers is second to none. He is also experienced in battery building and loves reliable hub motors.

Hugo rides his faithfull Ezee stree, a Stealth and his first ebike a ten year old downhill bike with a direct drive hub.