Our Brands

Lekkie offers premium electric bike conversion kits and accessories. Lekkie utilises advanced design and machining to 'bring some bling' to your bike.


Tekto / TRP pioneered brake systems for electric bikes. This Taiwanese company is now setting the benchmark for quality / value across all types of bike brake systems. The reliable e-cutoff brings a unique safey offering to the market. 

We are an official Australian supplier for LG Chem 18650 cells. LG's cells are perfect for any type of electric bikes. They offer safe, high performance chemistries, great life-cycle and have proven very reliable for us.

EM3EV is a small, boutique battery builder.They make the highest quality packs available with premium design and manufacturing processes. They are the only pack makers to offer advanced safety features like cell-level fusing and poly-fusing on each series.

Emax Electrics is a standalone brand focusing on premium mid-drive electric bikes and accessories. The bikes are designed and asembled in Australia.