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36v Frame-Mount Battery Pack


36v Frame-Mount Battery Pack



36v Frame-Mount Battery Pack (13Ah or 17Ah)

  • Panasonic 18650b Cells In 10s5p Configuration
  • Includes Waterproof Switch and Charge Port
  • Includes 3a C-Tick Certified Charger
  • Batteries include a charger (CE certified, C-Tick) which charges at 2.5a-3a depending on voltage.

Lifecycle is estimated at 700-1000 cycles. This can be extended by keeping discharge within the recommended range and charging to 80% whenever possible by timing your charges or using a product like the GRIN Satiator. When using this device the maximum charge rate for these batteries should not exceed 5a.

These batteries use Panasonic grade A 18650 cells. These cells have been chosen because of their high quality and availability as well as the ability to handle the charge currents which common motors draw. Some more detail about each of the packs:

  • 36v 17Ah Jet Pack - A very popular offering for 36v BBS and Max-Drive systems to ensure you get the longest range out of your rides. This pack uses the proven Panasonic NCR18650b 3400mAh cells. At 612Wh this pack has 35% more capacity than the industry standard (Bosch and Shimano 400wh frame-mount packs). Range - Upto 100km using pedal assist.

The market is constantly being updated with new higher capacity cells. If you would like a build with a particular cell please contact, it may be possible.

The batteries should be shipped / stored in charge state of 70%-80%

Safety Tests
Overcharge Test: To charge the standard charged cell with 12V and 2,750mA at 25°C for 2.5 hours.
Criteria: No fire, and no explosion. Pass.
External Short-circuit Test: To short-circuit the standard charged cell by connecting positive and negative terminal by less than 80±20mΩwire for 3 hours. Criteria: No fire, and no explosion. Pass.