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EM3EV Backpack Battery 52v


EM3EV Backpack Battery 52v



EM3EV Premium Backpack Battery 52v15Ah and 21Ah

Premium Construction, Cells and Materials

Includes Triangle Bag and Switchable Voltage Charger (5a Charge Rate)

EM3EV Premium 52v packs are made with grade A 18650 Samsung 32E and 30Q Cells in 19.2Ah and 18Ah respectively. Packed into a strong and water/dust proof hard plastic case.

Cycle Life estimated at 500-700 cycles with 100% Charge and 100% discharge cycles. Cycle life is extended (possibly doubled) by charging to 90% and limiting discharge to 90%, so you use 80% of the available capacity (most, but not all of the time). We make it easy to control the Charge voltage with the switching charger. Using continuous High Discharge Rates over the recommended levels will cause cell heating and can shorten cycle life.

Tightly packed triangle layout, with lots of protection. 14S (50.4V, based on 14*3.6V), not 13S (46.8V nominal, based on 13* 3.6V), so that means a working voltage of over 48V most of the time and it also means that you’re getting that much more capacity than you would have had with an equivalent 13S Pack (7.7% additional capacity versus a 13S equivalent).

PPTC thermal fuses used on all signal wires. If a fault were to ever occur on any of the small balance wires which run around the battery pack, the fuse simply shuts down the connection and keeps everything safe. Once the fault condition is removed, function returns to normal.

Dimensions: ~75mm thick. 275mm long, 170mm high

Maximum Charge Current 12A max (BMS limited, 10A Recommended).

BMS Protection Current >100A. This is a very robust BMS, that can deliver around 40A continuous, but much more for extended bursts.